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National Holocaust Commemoration Day

On the occasion of the national commemorative date of 9 October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs pays tribute to the memory of Holocaust victims from around the world and expresses its solidarity with the survivors of the tragic events during the Second World War.

Marking this moment, including through the organization of commemorative events, is a sign of the fact that the Romanian society takes responsibility in the occurrence of the tragedy, and it is also a way of always keeping alive the memory of the victims so that this tragedy should never happen again. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs fully supports the efforts to educate the young generation in being informed on the Holocaust, rejecting discriminatory, anti-Semitic and racist acts and understanding their significance, so that any attempt to repeat such acts be countered by virtue of the rights and fundamental freedoms.

Promoting diversity, respect for each other, equality for citizens in terms of rights, freedoms and obligations are fundamental principles. Understanding and respect are all the more important today as they can be seen as manifestations of anti-Semitism that unfortunately appeared in many countries, including within societies with a consolidated democracy on the European continent. In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms its determination to contribute further through diplomatic tools to strengthen the legal and institutional tools that are able to prevent and sanction anti-Semitism and any other manifestations of racism, xenophobia, racial discrimination and intolerance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs underlines the significant efforts that Romania has made during the past few years in admitting the past, condemning the denial of the Holocaust and of anti-Semitism. These have been and will be commitments that Romanian authorities will constantly and consistently pursue.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also salutes the progress that has been made lately on an academic level, and the development of countless Holocaust study programs. "We are grateful to the Jewish community that contributed to perfecting these programs. These will become integral parts of the common Romanian spiritual legacy, whose preservation and handing over to the young generations would not be possible without the historical and cultural contribution of Romanian Jews," underlined Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlăţean.


9 October (a date that marks the beginning of deportations of Jews to Trans-Dniester in 1942) was adopted, through Government Decision no 672 / 5 May 2004, as the official National Holocaust Commemoration Day in Romania.

On the basis of this decision, on 9 October every year Romanian authorities organize events devoted to the memory of the Holocaust, including conferences, seminars, book launches, shows, school competitions etc. The following institutions are involved in coordinating the commemorative activity on the National Holocaust Commemoration Day: the Ministry of Culture and Cults, the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The "Elie Wiesel" National Institute for the Study of the Holocaust in Romania, and the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania.

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